Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homemade Kahlua

Ok, you've got a night planned on the couch with your Mrs/Hubby/new squeeze and you're gonna put on that classic, The Big Lebowski.  We've all* been there. (*Okay, maybe just me) - so you're going to need the essential ingredients to make a cool, smooth White Russian.

You probably have the vodka, ice, milk and cool personality, but do you have the Kahlua?  If not, this is how to make your own with some staple* larder ingredients. (*Providing your larder has white rum, coffee, sugar and vanilla..)

500mls of water
60gms of nice coffee granules
800gms of granulated sugar
600mls of white rum or vodka
1 vanilla pod

Pitch the sugar, water and coffee into a large saucepan and slowly heat until the coffee and sugar are completely dissolved.
Allow mixture to cool and keep stirring.

When cool, pour in the rum or vodka, give it a good mix and pour into 4 500ml bottles.

Cut the vanilla pod into 4, plonk a piece into each bottle, cap it, shake it and store it for about 3 weeks.

Then, strain it to get the vanilla pod out, rebottle, cap and store!

Alternatively, split the vanilla pod into 3, put a third into each of 3 bottles then put a teaspoon of vanilla extract into the 4th bottle for immediate consumption!

Prepare a sturdy tumbler with 4 cubes of ice, a shot of your lovely Kahlua, one and a half shots of vodka and top up with milk for a perfect white Russian.


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